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5 times Heart Evangelista proved she's one of the most classy people on earth

Undeniably, many of us aspire to have the latest trend pieces like the Philippines' known fashionista. Not surprisingly, and rightly so, Heart Evangelista has made it to be the most stylish celebrity in the country that we have ever know.

1. First, when the 36-year-old wore florals for spring and it genuinely was pretty groundbreaking.

2. When she try to place the channel cookies straight to the oven.

3. When she kept it casual but was still absolutely glowing. 

4. When everyone still using plastic straw and she's sipping straight from a golden straw. 

5. "I love collecting jewelry. For me, they’re little memoirs that can last an entire lifetime. Each piece tells its own tale, little milestones in our lives and represents our life story." 

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