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Viral video 'Charlie bit my finger' sells for $761,000 as NFT

 Remember the adorable video of Harry and Charlie Davie-Carr that went viral back in 2007?  At first many reports claimed that the beloved clip will be deleted from Youtube on May 23 and auctioned on the blockchain.

But the good news is their father Howard Davies-Carr revealed, instead of removing the original video on YouTube, the buyer decided to keep the video on the platform.

The buyer is 3F Music, a music studio based in Dubai, which is also won the auction for the Disaster Girl photo.

The charming home video shows a young British boy named Harry holding his toddler-aged brother, Charlie. Over the course of 55-second video, Charlie bites Harry's finger twice.

The video has since earned over 800-million views as of the press time.

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