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Woman driving without driver's license caught on camera assaulting traffic enforcer in Manila went viral

 A lady driver allegedly driving without a driver's license was caught on camera assaulting a member of Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) went viral.

In the video uploaded in the Manila Public Information Office Facebook page, it can be seen a lady driver yelling and misbehaving when the car was intercepted, she even gave the uniformed personnel some few punches. 

The now viral video happened along Manila's busy street when a white SUV was flaged down after beating the red light. The woman continue to drive, prompting the traffic enforcers to chase her and she was apprehended along Osmeña Highway corner Estrada St. Malate. 

The woman is identified as Pauline Mae Altamirano, 26, reportedly a resident of Taguig.

Video here:

The traffic enforce can be seen relaxed while the lady driver was holding his uniform and forced him to give the unknown paper she was asking from the enforcer. Some enforcers stood in front of the white SUV could be heard telling her to release the enforcer.

The lady driver was brought to Manila Police Department for further investigation and charged of direct assault and driving without license.

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