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Filipino seaman finds himself a 'king' as solo passenger of Qantas airlines in Australia

 A Filipino seafarer was lucky to share his "once in a lifetime flight' experience from 180-seater Qantas airlines that fly from  Melbourne to Brisbane in Australia as a solo passenger.

Photo credits: TJ De Jesus Imbat / Facebook

TJ De Jesus Imbat posted several photos from his flight where he was upgraded from economy to a business class. At first, he felt that his flight might be cancelled, but the flight managed to carry him with the entire plane all to himself and had a great time on his journey since he received special services from the plane's crew.

Photo credits: TJ De Jesus Imbat / Facebook

Photo credits: TJ De Jesus Imbat / Facebook

With him are the four flight attendant and two pilots onboard. He spent the trip chatting with the crew.

According to him, his experience was like a superstar travelling in a private jet with all the services and facilities all by himself. 


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