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Lolit Solis confirms Paolo Contis-LJ Reyes break up 'Na outgrow na nila ang romance'

 Paolo Contis talent manager Lolit Solis confirmed that the actor and his wife Lj Reyes have broken up after six years together.

There was no "third party" involved, Solis clarified after several comments from netizens that alleged their break up was cause by third party.

On her Instagram post, Solis cleared the name of actress Yen Santos who where together with Contis in the movie "A Faraway Land." Fans have speculated that Santos have caused the breakup.

"Naku ha, smokes screen naman masyado iyon tsismis na isinasali sa hiwalayan Paolo Contis at LJ Reyes iyon pangalan ni Yeng Santos Salve. Open secret naman o silent whisper kung sino talaga ang karelasyon ni Yeng Santos noh !

"Huwag na siyang isali at baka kung ano pa ang lumabas , mas shocking pa ang mangyari. 

"Walang 3rd party sa hiwalayan Paolo Contis at LJ Reyes," she said.

Solis added that "it was a matter of na outgrow na nila ang romance sa kanilang relasyon." She said that Contis and Reyes preferred to break up instead of having to fight eventually and they hope to end their relationship still as good friends. 

Solis told fans to stop complicating the issue.

"Huwag ng guluhin ang issue, huwag ng magdagdag ng casting para hindi lumaki ang production cost, hah hah. Stop na natin script sa ending nila Paolo at LJ, huwag ng dagdag subplot para hindi gumulo ang istorya."

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