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Jaypee De Leon controversial unboxing video went viral

 A young man identified as Jaypee De Leon recently became an instant online star after his video went viral. 

On a live video shared by De Leon last September 7, he was seen at a cemetery and started to greet his online viewers. According to him he was celebrating his brother's 39th birthday while seen doing some cleaning in a garbage bag.

But what was shocking when he showed to his viewers what appears to be his brother's body parts. Everything in the video looks casual while De Leon is showing more from his brother's remain. 

According to him, he need to remove his brother's remain after nine years because his uncle's cadaver will be the next to fill in on the space. 

As of the press time the video earned over 13K comments and more than 15K shares, while all the viewers are sending him a laughing emoji.[0]=AZUeg-IlzruRo4oi2wrOriVKbTHhBfhvlBxcSj-HPdI4ge8znoEFLy7LKltHmWz46OG5ygVGLFBsSLpo5zkK50-j6JnPZLBQHf435b4Y31quoaz6A4z5IKdQ8TmfgDXvIyj0oTcbz2XjVDjCJui7YAHS3xTNBB__q14pK8YacRebZA&__tn__=-UK-y-R

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