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Pili Seal of young Filipino inventor wins The James Dyson Award 2021

 James Dyson Award 2021 has once again recognized another young Filipino inventor who develops a sustainable sealant for aircraft integral fuel tank made from waste of Pili Tree Resin.

Mark Kennedy Bantugon, 22, an aeronautical engineering graduate from the Philippine State College of Aeronotics won the prestigious annual award. Batugon is a native of Mabini, Batangas aims to further expand the application of his innovation called 'Pili Seal' to other relevant industries such as construction, buildings, wood, plastic and steel.  

"For me, I always see this blessing and breakthrough in my invention as an honor and privilege to showcase not only the potentiality and efficiency of it, but also the advocacy, intention and message of this invention. 

"A meaningful message of how this invention showed the value and importance of the waste material by upcycling it and giving new function rather than considering it as a trash or unusable thing," he said.

Photo credits: Mark Kennedy Bantugon / Facebook

The Pili Seal is a sealing material used to prevent fuel and oil leakages. Bantugon's Pili Seal is said to have exceeded data results of commercial sealants from over 20 property tests ranging from physical, chemical, mechanical, thermal to rheological. Apart from its exceptional property application, unlike the commercial sealant, Pili Seal offers safe and non-toxic to users.

Bantugon is the third of five children of a local farmer and public school teacher in Mabini, Batangas.

Pili Seal will again represent the country for the international round of the competition on October 13.

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