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Alice Dixson shares a closer look of partner's face

 Alice Dixson has been slowly unveiling the face of her long time partner, and of course fans are excited to see the actress' love of a lifetime.

Photo Credit: Alice Dixson / IG

On Instagram, she posted a filtered photo of the two of them together that showed a closer look of her partner's half face.

In the caption, Alice opened up about on how she loved a person.

"When you love someone you should…? 

Photo Credit: Alice Dixson / IG

"Wala nmn talagang wrong or right answers d ba.

"Your responses are based on your personal experiences, bias, upbringing & beliefs are they not?" she begin.

According to Alice, when she loves "I am honest, in my words and actions," she said.

"I evaluate & weigh if we have the same values & goals in life to determine if we’re headed in the same direction

"I am a friend

"I am forgiving, but only to the extent na kaya ko. Pag paulit ulit na - mahihirapan na ako. No one can constantly hurt.

"I accept your past. Wag mo lng ikuento masyado mga exes mo, I don’t want to know everything; only that they are your past & I am your future.

"I am generous with my time & attention but I leave room for myself," she explained.

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