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 While many of the Filipino knows that growing apples in a tropical place like the Philippines might be tough. This agriculture student in Kapatagan, Digos City, Davao del Sur proved that growing an apple tree in the Philippines is now possible as he expanded his farm to over 300 apple trees.

Benzone Kennedy F. Sepe, 30, began to challenge himself to cultivate apples out of his sheer curiosity. He took the apple seeds he was eating and plant them with gentle care and lots of patience. From growing it in seashells to moving to seedling bags after they grow to approximately five inches tall. Then, after six months, Sepe transferred the young apple seedlings in to the ground, but  unfortunately only one plant have survived.

He successfully picked his first apple fruit in September 2018, where he harvested 30 to 35 fruits from the same tree.

After having several knowledge and experienced from a single tree, now Sepe is expanding his farm to over 250 to 300 apple trees. 

According to him, it may be difficult to grow apple in the Philippines but it's really possible under certain conditions. In temperate climate, apple trees give fruit after five to seven months. However, in his experienced he was able to collect fruits after four months as his area is located in an upland at the foot of Mount Apo, where the climate is cool and suitable for producing exotic fruits.

Sepe, now grows different varieties including Fuji, Golden Dorsett, Starking, Granny Smith, Gala, Redlove Odysso, Russet, and more.

His farm is home to more than just apple but he also cultivates pear, persimmon, peach, Hass avocado, orange, durian, grapes, strawberry, guava, and vegetables.

The Kapatagan Apple Orchard, rare Fruit Farm, and Nursery is the first ATI-certified Learning Site for Agriculture (LSA) for apple production in the Philippines.

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