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 President Duterte urged local government units (LGUs) to provide meals to the people who will participate in the upcoming three-day national vaccination drive.

"I am authorizing all governors and mayors gumastos na lang kayo ng pera papalitan ko lang 'yan balang araw. Pakainin ninyo na lang sila. Pakainin ka... gutom ka, kawawa naman yung Pilipino. really, you just give me the bill and I will try to pay it if I have the money," said Duterte in his weekly Talk to the People briefing late Tuesday.

The national vaccination drive will take place from November 29 to Dec. 1, 2021. The government aim to vaccinate 15-million people from outside Metro Manila during the three-day campaign.

"Yung namang pupunta sa Jollibee [para magpabakuna] saka sa McDonald’s tapos parang gutumin, walang pera, tapos maamoy niya ‘yang karne diyan (Those who are going to Jollibee [to get vaccinated] and McDonald’s who will get hungry, they have no money, then they will smell the meat there), I am authorizing all governors and mayors, gumastos na lang kayo ng pera, papalitan ko lang ‘yan balang araw, pakainin na lang sila (spend money, I will give it back to you one day, just feed them)," he said on late Tuesday night, Nov. 23 during his pre-recorded “Talk to the People” public briefing.

He directed all concerned government agencies to extend all possible efforts and use all resources to bring the people to the vaccination sites.

“I urged all national government agencies as well as provincial and local government units to use all available resources, especially human resources to help in vaccination efforts during these three days of vaccination day,” Duterte said.

He also reiterated that employers have the right to refuse applicants who are not vaccinated to protect their property and business.

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