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BTS Fan Shares Stunning Sand Art In Support To Their 2021 American Music Awards Performance

 A fan went an extra mile to show her support for the K-Pop superstars who will be performing at the 2021 American Music Awards (AMAs), which will be held in Los Angeles on November 21.

Photo credit: monica_francesca / Instagram

Monica Francesca Tobias took to Instagram to share o photo of a little favor she asked from a resort in Boracay where a message was written in the sand: "GOOD LUCK @ THE AMA'S BTS."

However, it seems that BTS will no longer be performing with Megan Thee Stallion at the American Music Awards 2021. It was previously announced that BTS will be performing their Butter remix with Megan Thee Stallion. However, the rapper said she won't be attending the show.

On Megan's Twitter post revealed that she had to cancel due to an 'unexpected personal' emergency.

"Hotties I was so excited to go to the @AMAs and perform with @BTS_official, but due to an unexpected personal matter, I can no longer attend (crying emojis) I'm so sad! I really can't wait to hit the stage with my guys and perform #BTS_Butter real soon!"

Disappointed fans sent her love and hoped they would see her perform with BTS soon.

"Oh my god, no!!! I'm so sorry Megan, we hope whatever is going on in your life gets sorted out as soon as possible, and that someday we'll have a performance with you and @BTS_twt. Take care!!!" a fan said in a comment. 

Meanwhile, still the show must go on, and BTS will be seen performing to two songs at the AMAs 2021.

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