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 While we have seen a lot of mini-vehicle designs which usually dad made for their kids, this one is somehow unique in the since that it can carry four people including the driver.

This smallest Philippine jeepney called 'Jeepito' is owned by Ronald Carlton Papa Tan, the man behind the 5.5 sq.m tiny 'Tank House' in Baguio that can also fit up to 9 people. 

Photo credits: TRIP ni Jeepito / Facebook

And, yes, we understand this dad of being a parents, for going into any possible way to fulfill the wishes of their kids and be a source of the twinkle of their eyes. 

Jeepito measures only 2,336mm long, 1,067mm wide, and 1,397mm tall, a far smaller than a Hyundai Eon. It has enough space for any regular size 4 persons, including the driver.

Photo credits: TRIP ni Jeepito / Facebook

The mini-jeepney was made in 2015, and it was custom motorized miniature of the Pinoy jeepney powered by a three-cylinder engine.

Jeepito was formally accepted by Baguio city government as part of the additional attraction to the country's summer capital. It roams around the city streets and it's the head turner of the road that puts a lot of smiles to the people.

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