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 A netizen shared a video of his convo to a scammer who attempted to hack his bank account on December 16.

A Facebook user identified as Jomz Donaire revealed the convincing lies used by a female caller who introduced herself as a teller of his bank, asking for his username and the last four digit of his ATM card.

The caller then instructed Donaire to relay to her the one-time password that he will receive. The exchange continue when Donaire, a software developer, started to ask her some few question why he need to give her his one time password. 

Donaire, instantly knew that there's something fishy was going on so he decided to go to his bank's mobile app and test the "forgot password" feature of the app.

“Para ma-process ang forgot password, need ang username and last four digits ng atm, which is ’yung ang kinuha niya. Huli ka balbon,” Donaire said in his Facebook post. 

In their conversation, Donaire refused to give the one-time password.

Their exchange has ended with the scammer totally upset as she failed to her mission.

“Namura pa ako sa huli, eh ’di minura ko rin,” Donaire said.

Banks will never send deactivation threats and ask for personal bank details through an embedded link, login details, and One-Time-PIN.  

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