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 Doctor Joman Laxamana on his lengthy Facebook post recounted the controversial alleged missing money of PhilHealth  that cost around P15-B. The surgeon described the missing billion pesos into winning a 1-million pesos lottery everyday.

Here's the full post:

Can you imagine?

What is a billion pesos? Imagine winning 1 million pesos in the lottery. You might finally afford a car or pay off your debts. Now imagine winning 1 million pesos in the lottery everyday, for 3 years. That's over a billion pesos. A billion is a thousand million.

The missing money from Philhealth is allegedly 15 billion. Equivalent to winning the 1M lottery everyday, for 40 years. Winning 1 million pesos, fifteen thousand times. Money more than you'll need in a lifetime. Probably more than enough for all my patients combined, from now until I retire. And that's just from one branch of government.

Imagine if we could return that money to the people. I would finally stop hearing things like:

Cancer patient: "lumaki na po ang bukol wala po kasi pera pampa chemo"

Concerned parent: "nagstop na po anak ko sa pagaaral kasi hindi po pala nakakarinig"

Bereaved wife: "kung nadala lang po agad sa ER baka nabuhay pa po siya"

Worried sibling: "lipat-lipat po kami ng ospital wala po kasi kami pang downpayment"

Nurse: "sorry doc kulang po kami ngayon sa duty. Nag resign na po halos lahat at nag-abroad"

Friends, realize the true cost of corruption. It's not just illegally acquired luxury cars and giant estates, it's the lives of the people around you. 

Make the right decision for our country's future. Because my next patient might be your mom, spouse or child, and it would break my heart if you tell me:

"Doc, iuuwi nalang po namin siya. Ubos na ubos na po ako"

His post went viral and as of this posting time it earned over 44K shares and 59K reactions.

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