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 In a now deleted video, Project Nightfall, an internationally-known vlogger with huge number of followers from around the world gets a strong negative reactions among BBM supporters for alleged anti-Marcos video.

Agon Hare, a Polish YouTuber, appeared in his video, attempting to show two sides of the story from Filipinos who are happy and not happy about Marcos. However, it seems that some of his viewers weren't happy about it where he receive massive influx of criticisms on the comment section of his video.

At the time, Project Nightfall has over 12-million followers on Facebook and more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube.

Following a barrage of backlash, Project Nightfall issued an apology to every affected by his video, and "especially those who have been threatened for their opinions," the statement read.

"We wanted to give spotlight to both sides, and simply allow people to speak how they feel. Half were Filipinos in our video were celebrating and believing this is a good step for the future of the Philippines, and the other half in our video were Filipinos who were disappointed and in fear.

"This didn't seem to resonate with some on an extreme level. Even though in the first 8 hours over 15,000 people used 'love reactions, there were also people who were angry."

Agon says, he can take criticism and "I see your point, I really do." Admitting that he is also "disappointed" with the title he chose for the video.

"I take it as a lesson moving forward. That is why I apologize."

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