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 Boy band Mirror had their great concert at Hongkong Coliseum on Thursday night when a giant video screen hanged atop suddenly fell down. Atleast two members of the said band were injured.

It was such a shocking incident as many fans  have witnessed the horrific event. An online footage was captured during the incident as the screen landed on a dancer's body. The first dancer was hit on his back under the screen, which then fell on its side landing on the other performer. One of the dancer was reportedly in a serious condition and the other was in stable condition after being rushed to the hospital.

It was Edan Lui Cheuk-on and An Lo Hon-ting were the said injured member of the group. 

The concert was discontinued and audiences were asked to vacate the venue, but told that they could retain tickets until further notice. 

Concert organizers Music Nation and MakerVille, both subsidiaries of Hong Kong telecom giant PCCW, subsequently announce on Friday morning that the remaining eight shows of the concert series have been cancelled. 

Many of the fans were emotionally disturbed as they witnessed the live accident at the concert.

" I have never felt this terrible going to a concert. Walking out of the coliseum felt like walking out of a funeral home. It was somber, no one was talking," one audience member who witnessed the incident.

"Some other girls among the audience were crying. Another friend, who's a mother, questioned why such a horrible, unacceptable incident could happen in Hong Kong  at the coliseum.

Safety concerns had already been raised after the condemning the concert's organizers for not allowing enough time to check and rehearse for the performers' safety.

The Hong Kong government has suspended further concerts the the venue until its stage design and mechanical structures are proven to be safe.

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