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 Lourdes Faberes, a Filipina actress based in London is one of the faces to look forward to in Netflix's series 'The Sandman'.

The actress has earned huge support among the Filipino fans of the long-awaited adaptation of the DC Comics series.

Faberes took to Twitter to share the news which appeared her role could be seen in the fifth episode, "24/7", where she plays Kate Fletcher, one of the patrons who becomes trapped in a 24-hour diner after John Burgess (played by David Thewlis) decides to test the powers of a stolen ruby from the Sandman.

The Filipina also thanked her Filipino fans for watching the pivotal episode. 

Responding to some of the tweets, Faberes said she hopes that more Filipinos would watch the series.

The film is based on Neil Gaiman's comic book now on TV via Netflix, where the first season covers the comics' opening volumes launched late last week. 

Neil Gaiman earlier teased Faberes' appearance in the fifth episode: "Lourdes gets to visit a diner, in episode 5." 

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