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Maymay Entrata is ready to show her beauty and being  "amakabogera" as the cover girl of Star Magic's digital video magazine Slay this August.

"Being  "amakabogera" is not just what we see physically, but must be on our personality. Our confidence innately comes out when you fully accept who you are. Because the more you accept your beauty, your insecurities disappear," said Maymay Entrata.

Before she discovered self-love and self-confidence, Maymay reveals that there was a point in her life where she needed to follow the beauty standards that others conveyed to her.

"I used to have a lot of insecurities. I'm at the point where I did everything according to what they utter to me- the standard of beauty. I explored various personalities that I believed I was, but  I wasn't. Someone told me that I'm not pretty. I have a big mouth. I'm skinny, and I don't know how to dress. I pushed myself to be different until I was tired and unhappy," she expressed.

But that changed when he chose to seek God's approval. She gives advice to those who lack the courage and confidence to show their inherent beauty.

"Maybe what I can advise is to be strong and choose God's approval and not the approval of others. With God's permission, you will feel peace. But if it comes from other people you will not be satisfied. It will only give disappointment," she added.

Maymay also has various meanings for the word "sexy." 

She said, "When I'm happy I feel sexy. When I always smile I think I'm beautiful."

Right now, the "amakabogera" teaser reveal has more than one million views.

The next issue of Slay featuring Maymay is the celebration of her sixth year in the industry this August. 


Soon it will be available on ABS-CBN Entertainment's YouTube account.

Watch her teaser posted on her Instagram account.

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