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Actor Matteo Guidicelli appears to reprimand 'Tropang LOL' host Alex Gonzaga for allegedly gossiping about his ex-girlfriend.

The video where Matteo's message for Alex on Thursday, August 11 can be seen is now circulating on social media.

"I have a little message for the LOL Troops, especially you Alex... I dreamed about it last night and I prayed. Lex, let's stop joking with our partners because they are 'ex'. That's over and let's feel sorry for the counselor and my wife because last night I really cried because of you. I'm hurting for my wife..." said Matteo

The actor immediately joked, "Troop LOL, let's just respect our partners. Let's talk about your nails! [Alex]”

Netizens were very impressed with Matteo for calling out what Alex was doing because she is constantly teasing him about his ex-girlfriend when everyone is aware that he is married to Popstar Royalty, Sarah Geronimo.

Some also shared old video clips from the show where Alex can be seen teasing Matteo with their other co-host, Laboching, but the actor can be seen bypassing it.

Netizens slammed what Alex was doing because not everything should be made into a joke.

But based on the actual event in the show, it seems that Matteo was kidding with Alex because instead of talking about the past, he said that he only talked about her nails.

Sarah's husband can even be seen laughing and approaching the camera while saying "Skrrt, skrrt!"

It is said to be rooted in an episode of the noontime show on 'Lunch Out Loud' on August 10 where Alex and Matteo joked about their past.

It can be remembered that actress Maja Salvador became Matteo's ex-girlfriend while Alex was linked to former Calla Lily frontman Kean Cipriano.

However, both are married. Matteo to Sarah Geronimo and Alex to Lipa, Batangas Councilor Mikee Morada.

Watch the video clip 

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