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Nikko Natividad recreates Elisse Josson's Instagram post for the second time around.

Elisse's last post on her Instagram account was so hot with her yellow bikini. 

After she posted, the next day hashtag Nikko Nativad recreates her post. 

It gained a lot of reactions when Nikko impersonated Elisse's post wearing a similar bikini.

Netizens were happy with Nikko's impersonation because it gave everyone relief.

In Nikko's caption he stated, "@mccoydeleon mamili ka? Kunwari lasing na lasing na kame ni @elissejosonn . Baket AKO ang iuuwi mo?- (@mccoy you choose, just think Elisse and I were drunk. Why shoud you take me home?

Elisse also reacted and said, "I want to say bad words Nikko!!!!!!!!" -(gusto ko magsalita ng masasamang words nikko!!!!!!!!")

"Go, girl! You must be thankful because it is a just beer", Nikko replied to Elisse. 

A week passed, and Nikko shared his recreation again and again for the second time around in Elisse's post.

Recently, Nikko uploaded a photo on his Instagram in a bikini with a Zebra print that seems to resemble Elisse's recently uploaded photos.

Prior to that, Nikko posted a grab photo on his IG story with the caption "GAGAYAHIN NI NIKKO".

Without a doubt, he accepted the challenge and imitated Elisse's post.

"@mccoydeleon nahihirapan ka paren ba mamili samen ni @elissejosonn ?

Bilisan mo na mamili pagod na pagod na itlog ko sa pagkaka ipit" -Nikko's caption.

Many of Nikko's coworkers in the showbiz industry were glad about his superb post.

Elisse Josson is a former Celebrity Housemates in Pinoy Big Brother.

This is also where she met the one who makes her heart beat, McCoy de Leon. Currently, they have one child, Felize.

On the other side, Nikko won the Showtime series in 2014, "GANDANG LALAKI KUMA". He was also seen to have a unique talent in dancing so he was eventually included in the #HASHTAG dance crew.

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