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A mother shared her son's school card with failing grades from the first quarter to 4th quarter. The mother is enraged after seeing the card with all erasures and was printed with 70 marks in all  his subjects.

She's questioning the teacher if she has the right to fail the student for not giving the requested gallon of paint for the project. 

"Tarung ba kaha ni nga maestra iyang gi buhat nga imbes naka pasar na ang bata tungod lang kay nag lagot siya sa mama kay wala nahatag ang isa ka gallon na pintal na project. Iyang gipang erase ang grado nga una niyang gi hatag sa bata. Ug gipang ilisan ug 70 tanan! Hugaw kaau ang card sa bata. 

"Dugay pa gyud kaau gi hatag unya iya raman diay gi bagsak.. grabi nga maestra wala kaluoy sa bata ba.. unsaon kaha ni siya ba? Na enrolled na unta sa grade6 peru ang card iyang gi tago ug gi bagsak.", Cindy Apaap captioned her post.

Apaap claimed that the teacher changed her son's grade with 70 marks. His son was supposed to be enrolled in grade 6.

According to the principal in an interview with the local radio station, the concerned teacher might have mistakenly wrote down the wrong details and opted to cover the error with white ink eraser as the school suffered a shortage of report cards.

It added that the said student does not returned his module and does not respond to the teacher's calls.

The social media has since earned over 30K shares and more than 20K likes. The said report card is reportedly from a teacher in an elementary school in Brgy. Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City.

It turns out that the mother wants her child to transfer to Valencia.

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