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 A beach in Brazil turned out like a scene in a movie that where thousands of crocodiles seen having a reunion. The viral footage has left locals terrified after crocs swarmed a beach.

Others suggesting that climates change could be to blame of the massive unusual reptiles sighting as they lay on land.

The massive influx of reptiles was captured and was posted on Twitter which quickly went viral with over 19K retweets.

"In Brazil, an invasion of crocodiles that have flooded one of the beaches with several hundreds, even thousands, and the local population is panicking," Ken Rutkowski wrote on Twitter.

In the comments section one explained that "these are yacare caiman, and like other crocodilians, they're ectothermic, or "cold blooded". To raise their body temperature, they venture onto land, exposing themselves to direct sunlight. Additionally, this isn't a coastal beach, as shown in longer versions of the video."

Another one has shutdown the viral tweet saying, "It's in the Pantanal Wetlands of Brazil, which are about 10 times the size of the Everglades and home to 10million caimans, and these are yacare caimans gathering around a water hole during the dry season to fish and cool down," the Tweet read. 

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