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You might say goodbye to 'Ministop' and welcome 'Uncle John's' for now as the Japanese store franchise chain has pulled out from the Philippines.

But don't panic because your favorite Uncle John's Fried Chicken is here to stay as it is 100% owned by the Robinson's Supermarket Corporation. 

After more than 20 years of operating in the country, Ministop is officially renaming itself to Uncle John's.

The name itself is came from the founder of Robinsons and business tycoon John Gokongwei Jr.

In a statement released by Ministop dated September 22, it says, "We are pleased to inform you that we are changing the store banner name "Ministop" to "Uncle John's". 

"The brand has been around for over 20 years, headlined by our number one product, Uncle John's Fried Chicken. More importantly, the Uncle John's brand holds a special significance as it is a celebration of the legacy of our late founder, Mr. John Gokongwei Jr." it added.

Robinsons will continue to operate the stores under a new brand which may be diversify its offering by creating new affordable ready-to-eat meals and products for the local markets.


"The rebranding will commence fourth quarter of this year starting with the conversion of our store signages. All brand elements and collaterals including physical and digital marketing assets shall use the Uncle John's brand name effective January 1, 2023. Since this is a trade name change only, all businesses transactions will continue under Robinsons Convenience Stores, Inc.," the statement read.

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