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Neri Miranda shared how she instantly owned a salon as she posted on her Facebook account.

Neri was in the salon last December and when she was able to talk to one of the staff who told her they will lose their jobs because the salon is shutting down.

The staff asked Neri Miranda if she could purchase the salon so they won't lose their jobs.

"Yung bigla kang nagkaroon ng salon ๐Ÿ˜… Nagpapasalon lang ako last December at kinausap ako ng staff na mawawalan na raw sila ng trabaho kase magsasara na ang salon na 'to. Baka kung pwede raw ako nang sumalo ng salon para di sila mawalan ng work"

Perhaps this is also an effect due to the pandemic in the country where many business owners have not recovered from the loss since the nationwide lockdown.

Because of Neri, she was able to save and help the staff to stay in their jobs.

"Ayun, nag-haggle talaga ako. At   nagkasundo sa deal na kaya ko lang ilabas"

Neri Miranda's new salon is named 'EXTRAORDINERI SALON'.

"Kaya ayan may ExtraordiNeri Salon na ako!"


According to Neri, they currently have a branch in Serin Ayala Mall in Tagaytay, but planning to open another branch in Cebu.

"Sa Serin Ayala Mall Tagaytay palang ang branch ko pero mukhang maglalagay na rin kami sa Cebu soon!"

Neri is also thinking if she will have a branch in Nuvali or maybe in Dasma.

Nag iisip ako baka pwede sa Nuvali? Dasma?

Neri also plans to open a franchise of her 'EXTRAORDINERI SALON' for those who want to start their own business that will surely have the potential to make money.

Recently, Chito Miranda, Neri's husband was super proud to show the public the businesses and properties that his wife had established, including some restaurants, rest houses, and farms.

Chito said that Neri even saved up to construct four villas on the land she purchased for rent.

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