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 Andrew Schimmer took to social media to greet everyone a Merry Christmas despite he is suffering from extreme sadness over the death of his wife.

"Though it’s not a very merry season for us. That’s not a good reason to let this season pass without greeting all of you beautiful souls a Happy, and full of love Christmas season," the actor said.

"Few days ago, my HEART left my body when the love of my life left Her body. ADVISE: don’t waste a single day without you telling your love ones how much you love them, for we do not know what can happen to us when our time comes,"  he continued.

His wife Jorhomy "Jho" Rovero has passed away after suffering from severe asthma attack that led to cardiac arrest and Brain Hypoxia.

"Don’t waste your time on arguments or silly small talks, if your in love with someone, make sure that person knows how much you love them, make them feel every single bit of your heart. Don’t hesitate to hug somebody, for we do not know when we can hug that person again “REGRET” is the most painful thing that you can experience in this life."

"So please don’t let EGO dictate  the will of your HEART. Love without hesitation and without reason…be silly, be ỉn loved, be inspired of this love…do everything and anything that will make you and your love ones happy. 

"I would give up anything in this world, anything…MAKITA, MAYAKAP AT MAKAUSAP KO LANG PO ANG AKiNG ASAWA ONE LAST TIMEkung ang mahal mo sa buhay ay katabi mo pa ngayon kapatid, yakapin mo sila ng mahigpit, Hindi mo kaylangan ng dahilan para gawin ito, sapat ng dahilan ang mahal mo sha. iparamdam mo tol sa kanya na sha ang buhay at mundo mo, na sha ang Reyna ng kaharian ng puso mo, na para sayo sha ang pinaka magaling, pinaka maganda at pinaka importante sa lahat. gawin mo na ang lahat para sa kanya HANGGAT KAYA AT PWEDE NYA iTONG MARAMDAMAN. Give everything and anything for love, and you will never regret it."

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