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 Comedian Dennis Padilla took to social media and shared his regrettable experienced at a sea food restaurant in Manila after paying a whopping P38,000 with friend.

The actor revealed that he and "balikbayan" friend visited the place for a dinner and he was shocked after receiving an eye-watering bill. Though he admitted that his friend pay for the food, still he was saddened for an excessive prices.

A mango shake being offered at the place costs 450 pesos in a plastic cup, while a kilo of lobster was sold at around P5,500. 

"Alam niyo ba kung magkano itong isang pineapple shake? P450! Alam niyo ba kung magkano per kilo ng lobster? P5,500... Ito po 'yung resibo namin, umabot po ng P38,000," he said.

It is not known how many they are in the place, and the volume of food they have ordered. But a number of people in the comments section echoed the same over a pricy menu.

"Nakaka-frustrate, nakaklungkot kasi kapwa Filipino ganun ang ginagawa nila," he said.

He adviced those planning to experienced the said resto to asked first for the price.

"Kami, sanay kaming magbayad ng mahal. Pero ito, sobra. Kasi pumapatak sobra pa sa $100 and per kilo ng lobster. Sobra."

Here's his post:

"Ako, nahihiya ako hindi dahil... hindi naman ako ang nagbayad e, pero best friend ko po yung nagbayad. Ako po yung nasaktan kasi balikbayan," he continued.

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