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 The world's first robot lawyer powered with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to defend its human client in the US court.  

Dubbed as "the world's first robot lawyer" by the startup company, DoNotPay, can be run by smartphone as it listen to court arguments in real-time before telling the defendant what to say via headphones.

The robot will defend the accused fight a traffic ticket which is slated to take place sometime next month. However, the company did not disclose d the location of the court or the name of the defendant.

The company will pay for the fines if they will lose the case, according to to the company's founder and CEO, Joshua Browder.

Browder is a computer scientist at Stanford University where he launched DoNotPay in 2015 as a chatbot that provides legal advice to consumers dealing with late fees or fines. The company accelerated it to AI in 2020.

He said that it took a long time to train DoNotPay's AI assistance on case law covering a wide array of topics.

"We're trying to minimize our legal liability...and it's not good if it actually twists facts and is too manipulative," said Browder to Science and Technology publication New Scientists.

According to Browder, its ultimate goal is to have his app replace some lawyer altogether in order to save defendants money.

"The goal of this company is to make the $200 billion legal profession free for consumers," said Browder.

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