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 A photo up-loader on social media named Jenelyn Amargan claimed that her neighbor captured a strange-looking creature that came out in the middle of the dark night in  Tagabaca, Butuan City.


According to Jenelyn, it was her neighbor who captured the strange creature. At first, her neighbor taught that it was their chicken in the road.



However, when they check at the photos , they were surprised and shocked that it appeared like a goat or they claimed it a 'sigbin'.

Sigbin is a creature in Philippine mythology that show up at night. Some say that the Sigbin is a form that is taken by the 'Aswang' or an evil spirit in Filipino folklore.

Some described the creature with large ears and walks around with its head lowered between its hind legs.

The creature is believed to walk backwards and it is feared for sucking the blood out of the victims.

The creature exists in myths and local folklore, however there have been many sightings of this animal giving evidence that it may also be present in reality.

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