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 It's not too late to have a blast in your later years, and this 82-year-old grandma prove that adventure knows no age.

Atty. Iluminada Fabroa conquered the skies and plunge tens of thousand ft into the dropzone. Skydive Siquijor announced on its Facebook page that Fabroa is the oldest skydiver ever granted to jump with them.



This is not the first time Fabroa made a thrilling adventure, she even conquered the Philippine's highest peak, Mt. Apo, last December 2022.

Her grandson mountaineer Jeremiah Navarra described her grandma as an adventure seeker, as he spoke to PEP.

“Hindi daw niya kasi nagawa nung medyo bata bata eh, kaya ngayon na niya ginagawa,” Navarra said.

“Mt. Pulag highest sa Luzon, naakyat na namin. Mt. Apo highest in the Philippines, naakyat na namin,” added Navarra, whose hiking hobby influenced the whole family."  



Fabroa who is from Danao is a Certified Public Accountant and lawyer in her field. She paid 21,500 for the sky adventure 2022 rate. Current rates start at P28,000 per tandem skydive.


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