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 These pile of air conditioning units at the SMDC Residences condominium in Manila has earned social media attention over the weekend.

The photo originally posted via reddit was posted on Interesting Engineering Facebook page amused international community has since garnering over 7.4K shares and over 44K reaction.

"If you rotate the image 90° counter clockwise, it looks like tiny houses with walls on each side." a comment which read.


While others in the comments section suggest that centralized air conditioning system are much more efficient than of those window type air conditioning unit, "It looks like a design intent for the building's facade, which reminds me of a brutalist style architecture. Perhaps this is an old structure, were centralized AC are not yet a thing in the Philippines. I used to live in metro manila three years ago and I'd say that those new SMDC residential buildings doesn't have exposed window-type AC and instead what it has is, I'm guessing, a centralized AC, which is a more practical and convenient HVAC systems for large buildings," another one said. 

Another comment, "I went to the Philippines some 5 years ago, and I always said the best business to get into there is air conditioning," another commented.

"If you rotate the image 90° counter clockwise, it looks like tiny houses with walls on each side," another commenter said.

"These units require power and generate heat. This leads to more global warming. This leads in turn to the need of more air conditioning. We need to break the cycle. I would be OK with a 100% tax on all electricity and gasoline. This would encourage people to use less and the money raised can be used to fund clean energy," another one said.

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