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Pope Francis Confirms Lung Inflammation, Continues Duties from Residence

 VATICAN CITY — Despite suffering from lung inflammation, Pope Francis remained engaged in his spiritual duties, delivering his Sunday message through an aide while seated in the chapel of his residence.

The 86-year-old pontiff, clad in his customary white robes and a bandage on his right hand, opted to address the faithful from his residence instead of the usual appearance at St. Peter's Square.

"Dear brothers and sisters. Happy Sunday. Today, I cannot appear at the window because I have this problem of an inflammation in the lungs," Francis said in a message conveyed by his aide, Father Paolo Braida.

The Vatican had previously assured that lung complications from a recent flu episode had been ruled out, following a scan conducted at a Rome hospital on Saturday. However, the pope's remarks on Sunday confirmed the ongoing lung inflammation.

Francis, who had part of one lung removed in his youth, coughed occasionally during the reading of his Sunday message, which centered on the Gospel and included appeals for peace in Ukraine, gratitude for hostage releases in Gaza, and confirmation of his intention to attend the UN climate change conference in Dubai on Friday.

Despite the physical discomfort, Francis remained resilient and concluded his message with his customary closing remarks: "I wish everyone a good Sunday. Please do not forget to pray for me. Have a good lunch and see you next time."

Staying in the residence spared the pope from the short but chilly journey to the Apostolic Palace on a particularly cold Rome morning for late November. He would have otherwise had to travel by car, be driven to a courtyard, and take an elevator to the top floor of the palace to reach the window overlooking St. Peter's Square.

The event, broadcast on giant screens for the crowds gathered in the square and on various media channels, reflected Francis's unwavering commitment to his spiritual duties, even amidst physical limitations.

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