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Beyond the Meal: A Romantic Food Trip at The Upper East Bacolod

After a brief closure, The Upper East Megaworld Bacolod's food haven is back, offering the perfect backdrop for a unique date with barkada! Foodies and lovebirds alike rejoice! These kiosks and stalls are ready to tantalize your taste buds and set the stage for a romantic evening.


The Upper East's charm lies in its diverse culinary offerings. From comforting local favorites like Grandma's Chicken Wings and Cafe Cartel to international adventures like biryani, Korean delights, and Turkish shawarma, there's something to satisfy every craving under the starry night sky. Craving comfort food or a taste of something new? These stalls have you covered.


But the allure goes beyond the food. The open-air ambiance at The Upper East creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere perfect for all ages. Imagine sharing a delightful meal under twinkling lights, the gentle night breeze carrying whispers of love, and the aroma of delicious food filling the air. It's a recipe for a truly memorable gastronomic adventure for two.


For foodies looking to explore, a plethora of options await. Mini food trucks and beverage carts like Shawarma Habibi, Spamsis, Jo's Pizza, Lohans Churros House, Dripping Doughs, and many more offer a culinary journey around the world. Craving fresh fruit shakes? Teamothy's On Wheels has you covered. Need a caffeine fix? JZMO Coffee and other cafes are there for you.


The vibrant atmosphere at The Upper East adds another layer to the experience. The air is filled with the enticing aroma of food, the gentle hum of music sets a romantic mood, and the twinkling stars above create a magical ambiance. It's the perfect setting for a charming and intimate food trip date.


Unlike a formal restaurant, food kiosks offer a casual and relaxed space for couples to connect. There are no strict formalities, just good food, good company, and a chance to unwind and create lasting memories. It's a place to let down your guard, share laughter, and experience pure comfort in each other's presence. So ditch the stuffy restaurants and embrace the laid-back charm of The Upper East for a family date you won't forget.

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