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Filipino TikTokers React to Benny Blanco's Jollibee Review

American music producer Benny Blanco sparked debate online after sharing his first impression of the popular Filipino fast food chain, Jollibee, on TikTok. His initial video showcased him trying various Jollibee dishes, and while he expressed some positive remarks, his overall opinion wasn't favorable.


Blanco, who mentioned having a Filipino step-mother, claimed familiarity with the cuisine. However, his comments, including describing the adobo rice as "dry ass" and the spaghetti as "smelling like vomit," ruffled feathers among some Filipino viewers who perceived them as disrespectful.


The comment section reflected this divide. Some users condemned Blanco's review as "disrespectful," while others defended his right to an opinion, acknowledging that taste is subjective. Some also pointed out potential differences in taste between Jollibee branches in the US and the Philippines.


In light of the backlash, Blanco followed up with another TikTok video, exploring Filipino cuisine from highly-rated Los Angeles restaurants. He specifically tried the Spicy Chicken Sandwich, praising it and stating his opinion of Jollibee had changed. He also sampled other Filipino dishes like lumpia and longganisa.


This second video received mixed reactions. Some users appreciated his effort, while others felt the "damage" was already done and suggested he try more challenging Filipino delicacies, like balut, for a chance at forgiveness.


Overall, Benny Blanco's experience with Jollibee and Filipino food highlights the diversity of taste preferences and the complexities of cultural sensitivity in online reviews.


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