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From Actress to Plantita: Aubrey Miles Makes P1 Million Selling Rare Plant

Aubrey Miles, a well-known Filipina actress, has turned her love for plants into a profitable business. Miles, not only known for her acting but also for her passion for gardening, recently sold a rare plant for a whopping P1 million.


The prized plant, called Spiritus Sancti, originated from the rainforests of Brazil, making it highly sought after by collectors due to its rarity. "P1 million. Spiritus Sancti. It's from Brazil, from the rainforest, very rare," said Miles.


Miles revealed the impressive sale during an interview, highlighting the unique features of the plant. She strategically grows the Spiritus Sancti to increase its quantity before selling. 



 By meticulously propagating the plant, she was able to multiply her investment and earn significant profits with each sale. "I sold some plants first. Then, after buying it (Spiritus Sancti), I multiplied it by cuttings, then sold those. 



I multiplied it again, then sold again. If I bought it for P1 million, I would just grow it, then sell it for P300,000. Then the other one, P200,000. That's just for a few leaves, maybe two, something like that," she explained.


Aubrey Miles / Instagram

Her husband, Troy Montero, is a big supporter of her plant-selling venture, even acting as her assistant in caring for the plants. Montero jokingly said that Miles is more organized, but clarified that they share responsibilities, including managing their finances.


Beyond their plant business, the couple prioritizes financial planning and open communication regarding their investments and expenses. Miles mentioned that they even discuss and manage their bills together, ensuring that they are on top of their financial obligations.

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