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Innova Driver Released After Fatal Skyway Collision: Here's Why

A driver involved in a fatal Skyway collision with a motorcycle rider was released after the Quezon City Prosecutor's Office found him not liable. This decision, however, comes despite a viral video seemingly showing the motorcycle rider at fault.


Following Protocol:

Police Captain Jun Cornelio Estrellan, head of the PNP unit overseeing the area, clarified that filing charges against the Innova driver is standard procedure in such fatalities. The prosecutor's office ultimately determines liability based on the evidence.


Key Factors in Driver's Release:

  • The viral video, while potentially depicting the motorcycle rider's recklessness, doesn't solely determine fault.
  • The family of the motorcycle rider chose not to pursue charges, which significantly impacted the prosecutor's decision.

Motorcycle Rider's Violations:

  • The motorcycle was traveling on the wrong side of the road.
  • It lacked the minimum displacement allowed for expressway use.

Skyway Enforcement Challenges:

  • The motorcycle's high speed and wrong-way travel made immediate intervention difficult for enforcers.


  • Standard procedures require initial charges even if a video suggests fault on another party.
  • Prosecutors ultimately decide liability based on comprehensive evidence.
  • Cooperation from victim's families can expedite case resolution.

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