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Showing posts with label viral. Show all posts
Violent brawl breaks out among teenagers in C5 during GCQ went viral
PWD man pedals from Manila to Sorsogon just to get home
Watch: J&T Express employees caught throwing packages went viral
Streetsweeper mum from Batangas showed us the value of education as she graduated from college
Flight attendant turns to food business, sell fishballs while flights are grounded
This church in Nueva Ecija is ready for new normal with saints seated next to you
Birthday wish granted for 7yo girl who celebrated with 'basahan' gets real cake
Mukbang: Filipino man eat live cockroaches went viral
Honest delivery driver returns security guard's lost wallet
Security guard teaches street kids how to read and write during lockdown goes viral
Man with no arms plays guitar with his feet alone went viral
Police landlord forces family to leave from their rented house during the pandemic went viral
Elderly man who walk miles daily to sell sweets receives free bicycle from shop
Woman shares before and after body transformation that she did,so, you can
Virus gives birth to Amicable Barter Community in Negros Occidental
Kind policeman who gave $100 to a working student GrabFood rider received Php100K from unknown donor
Filipino priest celebrates mass in a flooded chapel in Bulacan
9-anyos na batang lalaki na may COVID-19, idinaan sa kanta ang pagdadasal habang naka isolate
SAP beneficiary sa isang barangay sa Rizal, aso ang nakalista sa halip na amo

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