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Japan to file case in international arbitration court over China's drilling

Japan is now considering international arbitration case over China's drilling activities in the disputed East China Sea, doing similar case filed by the Philippines over South China sea dispute.

Same with the Philippines, Japan and China had also a conflict in territorial claims over a group of uninhabited East China Sea islets. Last  year, Japan called on China to halt the construction of oil and gas exploration platforms in the East China Sea.

At the time, Tokyo accused Beijing of unilateral development despite a 2008 agreement to maintain cooperation on resources development in the area, where no official border between them has been drawn. China said that they have the right to drill in the East China Sea close to waters it disputes with Japan.

The Philippines has filed a case in arbitration court to China over the South China Sea dispute.China reacted angrily and has pledged not to participate.  

Wednesday's resolution by the Liberal Democratic Party(LDP) called on Abe's government to firmly ask China for the prompt resumption of talks on the drilling issue, as well as to consider taking the case to an international arbitration court. " If China shrugs off the request, some action must be taken,"Yoshiaki Harada, head of an LDP panel on resources development in the East China Sea." Reuters.  

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