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The return of Soviet Era barbed wire in Europe border

The return of the Iron Curtain, Soviet-Era barbed wire fence is rebuilt in Bulgaria to prevent migrants reaching to Europe via new Turkish route as Prime Minister also announces plans for a wall on Greek border.

Bulgaria has returned to its cold war days as it works to rebuild the Soviet-era barbed wire fence along its border with Turkey- only this time to stop migrants entering in Europe.

The fence is being constructed to seal Bulgaria's entire boarder to prevent the country becoming the new gateway to Europe. The local authorities are hoping to put off the ruthless criminals gangs exploiting families fleeing war and terror in Syria,Iraq and North Africa from trying to enter Europe via Bulgaria.

Bulgaria started erecting the fence on its boarder with Greece, Prime Minister Boiko Borisov announced.

Almost 100km of the fence has been completed and the aim is to have 132.5 km completion by July, which would be half of the entire frontier.

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