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Man taking a bath in 1,500 gallon of Coca-cola went viral - Video

This video became viral online, showing a "gallant" American man taking a bath into a 1,500-gallon pool filled with coca-cola, 200 pounds of ice and a bucket of Mentos. The video was uploaded on video-sharing site YouTube last June 24, which has collected around 16 million as of the posting.

 Taras Maksimuk, a technology video blogger who posts under the nickname TechRax, boasted his friend's toxic and chilly bath with the caption, "After weeks of buying thousands of Coke bottles and many more hours of opening and pouring, the magnificent Coca-Cola pool was created."  In the video he introduces his viewers to his playground and focuses his camera on the murky water's sparkling fizz. Another guy came out named Ryan splashes into the pool and pours more Coca-Cola.

Maksimuk asked Ryan, "How does it feel on your skin?"

"It feels smooth, actually, though I feel the fizz on the inside and it feels really weird," Ryan described his cool experience.

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