A love story that will surely melt you down, after 30 years they met again - Please read

This love story was encountered by the netizen name Ira Shayne Loquisan Moscaya, is now making rounds online. As of the posting this love story gained more than two thousand shares and 10K likes in just two hours.

The story is narrated below:

The woman at the jeepney paid at the driver but the driver returned her fare. Since she can't see nor hear vividly, I relayed what the driver said. "Kilala ya ka kuno La, amo na libre pliti mo", I told her.

"Sino ka man?" she asked. But the driver kept quiet all the time. The woman then enumerated random names, hoping she would pin the tail on the donkey and find out who the driver is, while me and the other passengers kept quiet. The driver didn't say anything until the woman told the driver to stop at Gaisano La Paz. Hopeless to find out who the driver was, she just said, "Salamat gid kung sino ka man."

Nobody dared to go break down their curiosity, and still we all kept quiet; until the driver said: (Non-verbatim) "Baw wala ya gid ko nadumduman ba. Gin hulat ko na siya sobra 30 ka tuig pero iba gin pakaslan ya. Siling ko sa kaugalingon ko sang una, kung sabton ya ko, sagudon ko gid siya kag bisan piso waay gid siya may problemahun sa gasto. Asta subong gin tuman ko promisa ko."

Do you know why humans are beautiful? Someone inside the bus might actually love you secretly. Perhaps someone you passed by at the mall adores you in secret. Someone at the same line as yours in fast food chains probably has a crush on you. You'll never know that you are loved. ❤️

It's courageous when you love a person but you chose to let them go just because you realize that you two aren't meant for each other. Most of us would end up finding someone else that are meant for us instead. It's peculiar to see somebody who stays in love with that person that goes for years even if their love story only ends in the first few chapters of their book.This is one of the reasons why every old couples' love story just make my heart swoon.

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