Duterte Supporters criticize female Netizen for calling Duterte a 'killer' on her song

President Duterte's supporters slammed a female netizen who was singing song "President Duterte as a Killer." As a demacratic country wherein freedom of expression and speech was well-practiced, this critics of President Rodrigo Duterte has uploaded a video through Duterte Express Facebook page. 

This female critics was identified as Jasmine Cruz has made her own rendition of Michael Kackson song "Thriller," but the lyrics were describing negative to the president.

In the video, Jasmine introduced her song entitled "Killer" pertaining to anti-illegal drugs campaign of the administration, which was linked to Extrajudicial Killing(EJK).

The lyrics go with: “Duterte is a killer, killer siya! Ang Presidente natin ay killer na sh*nga pa. Killer, killer siya! You’re fighting for your life when you go home and there’s more. Killer, killer siya! You’re fighting for your life because he’s a killer, hitler, sh*nga!”

                                        Here are some of the Pro-Duterte's comments:

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