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Alodia Gosiengfiao and sister shared worst travel experience with Aeromixeco - Video

Not all the travel you planned will come to a happy ending, here are Alodia Gosiengfiao and sister Ashley shared to social media their travel experience with the Aeromexico.

Ashley, the younger Gosiengfiao originally posted a vlog on her Facebook page telling the story of how horrible their trip with Aeromexico.

On the vblog they shared, the two were seen crying and angered by the treatment they received from the airlines. The two filled out the immigration form when they arrived in Mexico, everything goes smoothly and good till the time they are going to leave. They went to the airport hours before their departure, exactly how it was supposed to be.

To continue the whole story here’s her full post:

My sister Alodia Gosiengfiao and I missed our flight, had to camp out overnight in the Mexico airport, AND had to pay a fortune just to rebook our flight. All thanks to the incompetence of Aeromexico. Watch the video for the whole story.

WORST travel experience with Aeromexico (it was a NIGHTMARE!!!)

I wasn’t able to include it in the video, but all our 4 luggage were surprisingly ready not to board the plane either. Idk but that felt very weird to me. Also, 1 of my bags lost a wheel a few days back on the way to Mexico with the same airline. To add to that, one of my sister’s bags was damaged, too, when we reclaimed our luggage after the whole shebang. I filmed it but couldn’t include it in the video because airport staff made us delete the footage. LOLOLOL.

Thank you so much to our friends Edwin and Raul of the MURO TNT Expo Manga Cómic team for all the help with fixing this mess, and to Pony for camping out in the airport with us haha. They actually also offered to book us a room and let us stay the night in a nearby hotel, to which we politely declined as it is a bit of a hassle to have to travel back and forth with all our heavy stuff in just a span of 12-14 hours.

Thank you so much, Aeromexico, for the once in a lifetime experience. We hope to NEVER fly with you again.

We still love you, Mexico!

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