Angelica Panganiban and company alleged cutting immigration line bashed in social media

A netizen named JC Valenzuela posted a photo of actress Angelica Panganiban and her companions with the caption: "You know why the Philippines is poor? It's because local hairstylists like Jing Monis, Juan Sarte and celebrity Angelica Panganiban cuts (sic) the line in immigration. Good human behavior is free. Assholes."

Angelica together with her companions are allegedly at the immigration line in the airport when the actress, Monis and Sarte barged in to cut the line.

Juan Sarte III then commented on the post, explaining that he was in front of Valenzuela when six left the line, so he suggested to Angelica and Jing to join him in the line.

“Angelica, Jing and I were traveling as a group, among others. We got there at the same time but took different immigration queues. Jing and Angelica’s line was very slow-moving compared to mine. As I was waiting for my turn, about six passengers with no departure cards left their slots in the queue beside mine. Naturally, passengers from other queues rushed to take over the slots. Angelica and Jing did the same but missed. As a courtesy to Angelica, who is female, a friend and a colleague, I offered to let them go ahead of me,” Sarte narrated. 

In Sarte's Instagram account, a certain @kayvperez commented: "I used to admire you and I know you belong to a family of lawyers but your excuse on the immigration issue is so lame and stupid, you should not have just defended Angelica @iamangelicap because you said "pina una ko Dahil babae" and "akala ko normal Lang Kasi nakikita ko ginagawa ng Iba" is ridiculous! You know very well that you cannot do this action in other country. You are a frequent flyer and you must have travelled in so many countries, you know that a line is a line, even if the people behind you agreed to let you cut the line. In short, bastos mga kasama mo as they should not have agreed to cutting the line. Well mannered and educated people won't do this. Try doing this in the U.S, you guys will get it from the people on queu. Again, you should not have given a statement as this issue received very negative comments from netizens. Wag masyadong gawing tanga mga tao."

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While one comment defend Angelica and her company, shutterflyelms: "Just ignore the bashers! They were not there when it happened. They should just zip their mouth!! @juansarte ! Pilipinas talaga sawsaw pa more!!! If you were not there during the incident , you have no right to bash them!!! Wag masyadong OA bashers! "

The actress together with her companions were reportedly heading on their way to Taiwan. Angelica has not yet released a statement on the issue.

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