"Mahaba at Masarap" - Kakai Bautista revelation in Gandang Gabi Vice

Last Sunday, Comedienne Kakai Baustista was a guest in Magandang Gabi Vice together with her close friend Kim Chiu. It was a funny and crazy conversation night for the viewers of the late at night talk show with Vice Ganda.

Vice opened up the issue between Kaki and Ahron, which led Kim remember asking Kakai if they were a couple but Kakai denied being in a relatioship with Ahron, "Hindi naman. 'Di ba and sabi ko hindi."

"So mag-ano nga kayo nun?" Vice Ganda added a question.

"Magkaibigan! Baka mamaya sabihin na naman niya,'there was never an us.' Charot!"Kakai answered, referring to Ahron's previous denial to their relationship.

But the commedian admitted that she fell inlove with the actor. "Oo, na-in love ako!" she exclaimed, with a laugh from everyone in the studio.

Vice asked again: "May nangyari sa inyo?"

"Wala nga eh! 'Yun na yung pinaka-nakakainis.Walang nanyari!"

"Nahalikan mo, girl?" she answered : "Oo!" Then the crowd went wild with the revelation of Kakai, she said that the kiss was "Mahaba and Masarap."

However, it came to the point that Kakai had to end the relationship, "Hindi na healthy e," she added.

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