#MagandangMorenx:This pinay wants to empower Filipinos to stop the obsession with light skin

This half Filipina just wanted to empower Filipinos in terms of their color, Asia Jackson speaks about Filipinos who are obsessed of light skin.

Jackson is a half Filipino, was born in California mixed with Filipino mother and black father. She would often visit the Philippines, lived and even attended school there for a period of time.

 "It took me 20 yrs to embrace my skintone. I created this hashtag to empower others in a way that I didn't have growing up #MagandangMorenx." 

"#Magandang Moreno/a, leterally translated to beautiful brown skin is aimed at challenging the traditionally enforced beauty standards within mainstream Filipino media."

"From whitening creams to an entertainment industry saturated with mestizas, the legacy of the 333 year Spanish colonization of the Philippines from 1528-1898 can still be felt in this worship & desire for white skin."

"Tan and brown-skinned Filipinos are made to feel insecure, ashamed, & embarrassed of the natural color of their skin despite being indigenous to a cluster of tropical islands in the southeast Pacific, where the geography & climate make brown skin the norm,"Jackson said in her Twitter.

#MagandangMorenx was a movement created to empower the darker shades of Filipino. our islands are constantly graced with sunshine. never will i feel ashamed of not having "fair skin." i love my complexion! brown and proud. πŸŒžπŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ 

As of the posting, Jackson's call for #MagandangMorenx gone viral and even her followers shared their moments for being brown or black is beautiful. The color of your skin does not dictate the beauty of the person.

Here are some of the shared comments on Twitter:

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