This women carries everyday her disabled daughter going to school gone viral - video

This is a story that will surely melt your heart, a mother that never give up for her daughter dream of graduation. An inspiring story of a mother and her disabled daughter who graduated senior high school touches the heart of many. The photo below showing Crestina (mother) carrying her disabled daughter Jaylen to received her daughter's diploma during graduation.

Jaylen and Crestina who are from Alabel, Sarangani inspired others no matter what difficult life will be still they go together. Everyday Crestina (mother) is carrying Jaylen going to school. Jaylen weigh atleast 44 kgs, almost the weight of one sack of rice. Everyday they trudge rivers and hills riding their horse to reach the school.

According to Crestina, Jaylen was born a normal baby but was struck with polio at the age of 8. Crestina admitted that there are some people discourage her to send Jaylen to school. Some said that Jaylen education would rather be a waste of time because she won't find any job. But a mother will always be a mother no matter what happen, she neglected all the hearsay and believed in her daughter's dream.

Tearful Jaylen told that she will hold on her dream because she wants to save her family from poverty.

“‘Yung mama ko po ang silbing mga paa at mga kamay ko. Kaya minsan gusto ko na sumuko at bumitaw sa mga pangarap ko. Kaya lang nasa isip ko ang pamilya ko at kahirapan namin. Sinasabi ko paano kung bibitaw na ako, kung sa konting dahilan susuko na ako? Sinasabi ko na lang, ‘Jaylen, huwag kang susuko, kaya mo ‘yan eh.’”

Jaylen said that she almost didn't finished her highschool due to financial problem. But because of the determination of her mother she graduated after six long years. 

Support poured out after their story was featured in the show "Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho" (KMJS). KMJS team had even sent Jaylen for medical check-up and surprised Jaylen with a wheelchair. But the biggest surprise was when Jaylen was granted a full scholarship to finish any college degree she wants with a monthly stpend from the office of the Municipal Mayor.

You can send also your support to Jaylen and Crestina Lee for the following bank account below:


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