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Golden State Warriors dominate Game 2 against Cleveland Cavaliers 122 - 103

After Game 1 of the NBA finals were almost anyone thought it would be happen, full action have seen in Game 2 as the Cleveland are doing more effort to win the game. Warriors starters are Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, JaVale McGee, Klay Thompson and Steph Cury. 

The Warriors are getting to the basket very easily as Curry and Durant facing almost no resistance on layup attempts that gives Javale McGee started the game with two straight dunks. Offense and a lot of ball movement helps a lot in the 1st half of the game for the Warriors.

Warriors shot 15 of 23 for the quarter with 10 rebounds and as the buzzer rang ending the first quarter, the Warriors were leading the Cavaliers at a score of 32-28. 

2nd Quarter started with a miss in Cleveland and Kevin Durant make on a mid-range jumper and Klay Thompson took a 2 point shot. A tough offensive rebound was given by David West helped set-up a mid-range jumper by Shaun Livingston. Cleveland still getting trouble in the second half and double time to reduce the lead as Javale McGee come back immediately made a 2 points hook shot. Draymond Green is playing remarkable defense with the 39 combined points given by Curry, Thompson and Durant. Cleveland reduces the lead all the way down to 5 points with a Kevin Love 3 points on the third quarter.

Golden State's ball movement has disappeared late in the third quarter but its going back as Curry throws three points back-to-back on the start of the fourth quarter answering the three point shot of Lebron. The Warriors continue to dominate the forth quarter as Curry throws an acrobatic three point shot along with the two point shot by Durant as Love missis three point shot 93-105. Stephen Curry hit a shot-clock to extend the lead to 14 points, pushing the momentum of the Warriors.

Warriors win against Cleveland 103 - 122.

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