Look: President Duterte kisses the lips of a married OFW woman

Manila, Philippines - Look President Rodrigo Duterte stirred another controversy after she kisses an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) on the lips while in front of the Filipino Community in Seoul, South Korea on Sunday, June 3. At the end of her speech the President jokingly told the audience that he would be giving out a book in exchange of a kiss. Amidst the cheering that Duterte continued, "Huwag ang lalalki, may bayad to. Halik."

Duterte poited out a woman in the audience and asked her if she wanted a copy of the book, "Altear of Secrets: S*x, Politics, and Money in the Philippine Catholic Church." He said, "Handa ka naman makipaghalikan, halika!"

The pinay then went up the stage with excitement to kiss the President. Duterte spoke to the woman, " Huwag kang mag-amen-amen dyan. Halika dito! Ang beso-beso?" and pointed to his lips.

When the woman was about to go down the stage, the President asked her to know the status of the woman, Dalaga ka?

The woman answered, Hindi. Married po."

The crowed went wild in cheers as the President got his kiss on the lips. The President then said, "Huwag ninyong dibdibin yun. Ano lang yun...pampasaya ng mga tao. Gimmick."

His two hour speech pointed out corruption in the Catholic Church and said , If God wants me to be President, I will be President. The God that I believe in, 'yng God kap*tahan yung istorya ng Katoliko, kalokohan."

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