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8 year old Belgian boy Laurent Simons has graduated secondary and now heads off to university

This 8-year-old Belgian boy is ready to enter college - that's after completing high school in just 18 months. Laurent Simons has an IQ of 145 and collected a diploma with a class of 18-year-olds.

During an interview in Belgium's RTBF radio, Laurent said his favourite subject was maths "because it's so vast, there's statistics, geometry, algebra."

According to his father his son has no interest in toys instead, Laurent is enjoying learning Math concepts and solving problems. Back when he was much younger, Laurent wanted to be an astronaut or a surgeon but now changed his mind and wants to do something about computers.

Meaning this genius boy, Laurent would receive his college diploma at around age of 10-12 years from now however, could he get a job at his very young age?


  1. Respecto a conseguir trabajo, con esa mentalidad y comprension genial lo que menos le interesara sera convertirse en un asalariado.


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