Malaysia recall 8 canned fish brands found with worms

Health ministry of Malaysia has ordered the recall of eight brands of canned sardines after round worms were found in the product.

Straitstimes reported that the recall came following the discovery of roundworms inside two brands imported from China. A month ago a social media user shared the images of worms he found in two canned sardine brands that came from China - TL Tan Lung and TLC. The two brands were recalled after the Malaysian Health Ministry conducted an inspection.

In a statement on June 28, Health director-general Datuk Seri Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah said: “The Health Ministry through the food safety and quality division has been monitoring imported canned fish in the local market. The Ministry has taken action against the companies involved and has ordered the products to be withdrawn from the market.”

Other six canned sardine brands were ordered for recall are Cinta, Sea Fresh, HS, King Cup, Star Cup, and TC Boy.

The ministry said the worms are from the genis Anisakis spp, which causes the anisakiasis disease in humans.

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